Quality new and used items. Many items not listed. Items are priced based on purchase price and condition (new or used, designer or not). I offer a 10 per cent discount on clothing totalling $50 or more.

I keep a bin of free items for customers purchasing anything over $5 -- play clothing, kid's socks and underwear, hangars, magazines, candles & nick-knacks.

I am happy to hold things for people who are certain they want something and can set a date and time for pick up.

Please have an idea of what you want and look at the ads below for pricing information. I have hundreds of items and unfortunately do not have time to look for you. I can pull items in a specific size for you to look at but please ask in advance so I have time to arrange everything.

Also please write with a date and time you'd like to come by. We are flexible but appreciate mutual respect for time and schedules.

No deliveries.


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